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We can help to find a new employer for your existing helper

Transferring your existing helper (Not from our Agency)

Need to urgently transfer your helper?

Need to release your helper in the future?

  • We utilize our comprehensive customer network to find a suitable household for your helper
  • No fee / Salary deduction to your existing helper
  • Free lodging / Accommodation for your helper

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For us to assist your existing helper to find a new employer, we require you to sign a consent letter to release your helper for transfer, as per MOM regulations.


  1. Is it true my helper will pay nothing to the agency or to the new employer ?

    Yes, it is true. Your helper pays nothing.

  2. Is your agency able to house my existing helper while going for transfer ?

    Not only are we able to provide accommodation for the helper, we provide it for free.

  3. Is your agency able to assist me if I wish to only release my helper on a near future date instead of now ?

    Yes, we will be able to assist you in this as well. This can be indicated to our staff which will be reflected in the consent letter.

  4. Why choose our agency to allow your existing helper to transfer ?

    We are one of the leading maid agencies in Singapore with over 30 years of experience. We do not charge transfer fee to the helper, and her accommodation is free (which is rare in the industry!)